1977 Yamaha XS400 Unregistered US Import Running Restoration Project

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1977 Yamaha XS400 Unregistered US Import Classic Running Restoration Project - Picture 1 of 12

The wheels are straight with nice clean alloy and good looking discs & calipers. Forks & yokes look straight with good chrome. Mudguards are both solid. Taillight assy is good as are the headlight & hangers. Instruments & switches look ok. Carburettors are free sliding off the twist grip. Paintwork is solid, fuel tank sounds useably clean inside when you tap it with a knuckle, and has just minor dents/marks & scratches in the original paint. Seat base is in good condition throughout. Indicators are tidy though rear r/h is drooping. Chain guard is solid. The engine is cosmetically clean BUT BEST OF ALL when we hooked it up to a good battery & fed it fresh fuel from a dummy tank, it fires, starts, runs & revs.

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